Talentus provide assessment services to ensure transparency, fairness and equity in your recruitment process.


Use our talent frameworks to develop agile, inclusive and diverse teams.

Talented people are a decisive source of competitive advantage and their acquisition and retention has become a critical driver of business performance.

Exacerbated by an increasingly tight labour market, resources have become both expensive and scarce.  There is a growing shortage of critical talent and finding it can be expensive and time consuming.  Of course, getting it wrong can be far more costly and businesses often squander the talent and potential of their workforce.

In the skills and knowledge-based economy of the 21st century, winning companies attract, retain and develop the best people.  Talent has become more important than capital, strategy or R&D and it’s become essential to employ an agile and diverse workforce to create an more successful workforce and to secure a competitive edge.

Use our expertise in psychometric assessment aligned with practical competency frameworks to acquire, develop and motivate the very best talent for your organisation.

Research conducted in 2017 and published by McKinsey & Co here identified that for high complexity jobs, high performers are an incredible 800% more productive than average performers.


Similar research conducted in 2018 and published here showed a direct correlation between diversity and financial performance.  Companies in the top quartile for ethnic and cultural diversity were 35% more likely to outperform on profitability.



Combat unconscious bias and attract diverse talent to build a high-performance workforce

Talentus provide cost-effective access to a wide variety of psychometric profiling instruments, cognitive ability tests and assessment centres.


Our practitioners are licensed by the British Psychological Society to help consistently recruit the best talent and to attract and convert top performers for your organisation.


- Ensure diversity, equity & inclusion across your selection methods

- Competency based and evidence-led candidate discrimination

- Establish transparent, fair & auditable recruitment methodologies


How can you consistently get the most from your people?

Businesses often fail to capitalise upon the innovation and creativity of their employees - and so fail to unlock potential.


Talentus can help.


Our competency frameworks can help ensure you have the right people, with the right skills, in the right roles.


Our approach begins with a focus on the competencies needed to deliver your commercial ambition and to effectively align people with your competitive strategy. 


Our clients include a diverse range of private sector companies, together with organisations in the public and third sector such as local government authorities, Local Enterprise Partnerships and the National Trust.



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